Wednesday, April 21, 2010

His condition is worsening..

We went to the hospital on the 15th because Eli's "spells" were worsening and he has an increase in startle response to noises and sensations that he didnt have before. He was in there for 6 days 3 of them in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) getting the medicine he needed to gain a level of control. During his stay he had his MRI re-done; It showed his brain was noticably smaller than last time he had an MRI in November(They estimate 5%-10% brain loss), His brain stem is diteriorating as well causing the increase in his spastic movements and tightening spells. He is fighting to learn and make connections in his brain still so while his physical well being is going down he is still struggling to show emotional improvements. He smiles and laughs, and silly as it may sound I am excited to report he cried(Tears and wailing..the whole nine yards!), its something he never did before and it was in response to his back hurting after his Lumbar Puncture. Hes fighting to live his life so while doctors arent optomistic about his life span we will continue to fight with him and give him the best life we possibly can. I want suggestions on the things a kid cant miss out on.. We have already heard Cotton candy, Swings and Slides, and the Tooth Fairy. Any other suggestions are welcome! (Post them here or on my Facebook page)

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